About us

For over 15 years, our company has specialized in importing and selling cars from Switzerland. We don't just deal with used cars but also those damaged in accidents. But what sets us apart from others?

Direct Access to Insurance Companies:
While many lose time and resources going through intermediaries and additional Swiss firms, we operate directly. We grant our clients the opportunity to participate in auctions and bids conducted by all top-tier Swiss insurance companies. This ensures lower costs for you and the authenticity of each purchase.

Why Cars from Switzerland?:
Swiss vehicles stand as a hallmark of quality. They're renowned for their impeccable condition, genuine mileage, and often come equipped better than their counterparts from other European countries. By choosing us, you're opting for the best of the best.

Comprehensive Service from A to Z:
It's not just about sales! With our logistics partners and branch in Switzerland, we provide a seamless process - from purchase to delivering the vehicle right to your doorstep in Poland. Naturally, we also handle all administrative tasks, making the entire process effortless for you.

New Arrivals Daily:
Every day, our website gets updated with over 100 new and diverse vehicles, ranging from motorcycles to cars and even trucks and buses. All these vehicles are sourced directly from insurance portals, leasing companies, and bailiff auctions.

Collector's Cars Upon Request:
Do you dream of a rare, pristine model? We've got you covered. Leveraging our vast contacts and experience, we can procure your dream collector or luxury car, tailored to your exact specifications.

We invite you to get in touch, be it via email, phone, or WhatsApp. Our team is eager to address all your queries. Choose quality, choose our company, and experience the distinction! For our wholesale clients, we can offer special conditions to ensure our collaboration brings even greater benefits. Call us and find out more!