How can we help you?

Why am I not able to bid right away after registering an account?

After filling in your details on the registration form, you will receive an email informing you of the obligation to pay a guarantee deposit of 500 EUR in order to be able to place bids on vehicles. This deposit is intended to protect us against non-collection of the vehicle by the customer.

Once the transfer has been credited to our account, we will inform you by email of your account activation.

In accordance with our Terms of service, you have the right of requesting for the immediate return of the guarantee deposit. The return of this amount will result in the termination of your account on our website and the inability to bid on vehicles.

How does the auction process work and why can't I see the current prices?

The cars offered on our website come from Swiss insurance companies. Compared to auctions of salvaged vehicles from various other countries, users on Swiss portals do not see the actual price on the auctions

Our portal helps us collect the best offers from our customers and to bid on vehicles for them on the Swiss auction sites. The best bid placed by our clients on is automatically placed on the Swiss insurance portal. If your bid was not the highestyou will receive an e-mail immediately after the auction ends informing you that you have lost the auction.

What price should I bid to make it profitable for me?

Bids placed on our portal are binding and cannot be withdrawn after the end of the auction During the auction, you are of course free to lower or to increase your bids. Each bid must be well thought out, taking into calculation all the costs associated with importing the car to your country. We recommend that you carefully check the market prices of the vehicle you are bidding for, bearing in mind that cars from Switzerland are generally in better technical condition and have a higher market value than cars from America or other European countries.

If you have any uncertainty in making an offer, you are welcome to contact us via the contact form or by phone during office hours.

What fees and costs do I have to reckon with when buying a car from Switzerland?

Every vehicle auctioned on our platform arrives at the address indicated by the customer with a set of documents making it possible to register this vehicle on the territory of Poland.

"To calculate the exact costs associated with purchasing a vehicle from Switzerland please consult our Calculator. We also remind you that each transport cost is calculated individually and please refer to our FAQ 'Do you offer transport services'.

The buyer only has to pay the Polish excise duty and do the formalities of repairing and registration.

We would like to remind you that passenger cars with engine capacity over 2000cm3 are subject to an excise rate of 18.6%, other cars are subject to a rate of 3.1%.

According to the needs and wishes of the customer, the vehicle can also be collected by himself or by his transporter directly in Switzerland.

It's not possible to issue an EUR-1 certificate for vehicles with the X homologation number or having X in their homologation number, e.g. '1XE293'.

Do you offer transport services?

Our logistics partners enable us to offer you the opportunity to transport any vehicle safely and quickly to a previously predetermined address in Poland. Unfortunately, we can't offer transport to other countries for now

The cost of transport is determined individually, according to the location and dimensions of the vehicle.

The cost of transport for a passenger car varies between 3000 and 3500 PLN.

The cost of transport for a scooter or motorbike varies between 1200 and 1400 PLN.

Our experience of several years enables us to offer transport of trucks, buses and all sorts of oversized vehicles at attractive prices.

The costs associated with transporting the vehicle are to be settled directly with our logistics partners.

How long after winning the auction will the vehicle be delivered to me?

Depending on the insurance company from which the vehicle was bought, they can be granted within a period of up to 30 working days. In our experience, this time can be estimated at an average of around one to two weeks. Once the vehicle has been allocated and you have paid for it, it is delivered to you usually within 14 days to the address you have indicated.

The delivery time of a vehicle may be reduced or extended depending on the availability of documents enabling it to be exported from Switzerland. It may happen that the registration certificate is not immediately available when we collect the vehicle and it can take several days for the insurance company to deliver it to us which can delay the delivery of the car to your home.

I am looking for a specific car model, do you take orders?

Our offer is enriched daily with several hundred new auctions of various vehicles, from electric bikes to trucks and buses.

We point out that a large proportion of the vehicles on offer are cars taken in by large dealerships and accident-free, which require only cosmetic or mechanical improvements.

If you are interested in a specific car model or have any other unusual request, we will be happy to do whatever we can to satisfy your requirements.

We also offer the possibility of ordering selected, undamaged collector and luxury cars that meet your requirements, we will inspect the vehicle and transport it safely to your home.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the contact form or by phone during office hours.